10 Built-In Ikea Hacks To Make Your Jaw Drop

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We’ve all seen them—those gorgeous closets and bookcases that make you do a double take.  They look like they were custom built and cost oodles of money… and, most of the time, that’s 100% the case.  BUT thanks to the wonders of the internet, the talents of fabulous DIY bloggers, and the mecca of affordable design that is Ikea, those aspirational built-ins are actually in reach!  (Cue angelic choir music.)

My family just moved into a new/old house that is crying out for some personality and creative storage solutions.  This is in part to manage the boatload of belongings we lugged across the country but also to help differentiate it from every. other. house. in the neighborhood. Oh, the joys of suburbia.

So of course I was pumped when Ashley asked me to write a post on Ikea hacks and knew immediately the kind I was looking for.  So, without further ado, here are the 10 most beautiful and awe-inspiring built-in Ikea hacks on the planet.

(Quite a build up, huh? Except I’m serious.)

Via Lonny (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

1. Irene Edwards had her BILLY bookcases framed with trim and the front pieces painted in a contrasting color—even accommodating baseboard heaters below!

Via Smitten (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

2. Sarah Sherman Samuel used Ikea kitchen cabinets to form the base of her built-in living room shelving.

Via Jenna Sue Design (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

3. Jenna Sue created a custom-looking pantry with PAX cabinets.

Via Avery Street Design (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

4. Laura Irion of Avery Street Design created an entire wall of built-ins from BORGSJO bookcases, adding drywall and trim for a seamless appearance.

Via Home Made by Carona (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

5. Ursula Carmona used two Ikea RAST dressers to create this insanely chic wardrobe hack. Now this one made me do a double take! And, okay, so technically this one isn’t built-in… but you could easily make it so.

Via Design Sponge (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

6. Amy Azzarito of Design Sponge used this tutorial by Jenny Komenda (of Little Green Notebook) to make these incredible arched library bookcases.

Via Jenna Sue Design (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

7. Jenna Sue does it again with these built-in wardrobes from PAX doors. I love the detail she added!

Via Ikea Hackers (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

8. This turn-of-the-century-esque built-in was crafted by Shannon George out of two RAST dressers. That bead board, the color… every part of this is perfection.

Via The Makerista (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

9. Gwen Hefner needed a more traditional look for her friend Laura’s bookshelves and created this built-in Ikea hack.  She added some killer trim to BILLY bookcases in order to keep the design period-appropriate to the house, and the effect is stunning.

11 Via Jenny Komenda/Little Green Notebook (Hither & Thither: Built-In Ikea Hacks)

10. Last but not least, Jenny Komenda shared this beautiful built-in wardrobe using—what else?—PAX wardrobes.  Painting the wardrobe the same color as the walls makes it appear as if it was part of the wall!

You know I’ll be replicating some of these in our new house! Do you have a favorite Ikea hack in your home? Ashley and I are both big fans.

P.S. Find all of our Ikea Hacks (like our bar shelves, made from Ikea countertop), and find all of our home tour posts right this way!

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