Dropping by John Derian

John Derian, the beautiful shop on Second Street, is a little bit of heaven. True, many of the items are priced too high for me to regularly shop there, but I just love visiting.
There are actually two shops, side-by-side: John Derian and the John Derian Dry Goods store. The first is filled with his decoupage designs (one day we’ll give one a home), Moroccan poufs, Hugo Guinness prints, French notebooks and ceramics, totes, and other general ephemera. The latter features textiles and furniture. Both are filled to the brim with inspiring arrangements. I love popping into Derian’s romantic worlds of curiosities.
Even if you’ve been before, it’s a particularly nice time to visit: everything is just a bit more sparkly for the holidays.
(Photo of Hugo Guinness prints from here.)

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