Hudson’s 3rd Birthday Party

Hudson turns three on Thursday, so we invited his friends to celebrate at a creepy-crawly buggy birthday party this past Sunday. We took about a gazillion photos of adorable kids, so this was the best I could do at limiting the selection. (Sorry, but seriously: so cute.)



There was some themed food (ants-on-a-log), but thought best of going with Hudson’s favorite things, PB&J sandwiches (in brown paper packages tied up with strings). For the grown-ups, caprese sandwiches.

As you recall, Hudson had a lot of ideas about his cake. At the critical moment, we heard vanilla and chocolate, so that’s what we made. I scanned Pinterest for far too long looking at bug-themed cakes before deciding that my favorite ones were almost always the simplest. Still, I couldn’t not do something to decorate it, so I made these little bee toppers out of felt and lollipop sticks. (I also cut his name out of the same felt for the banner.) After he blew out his candles, however, all nine kids each got a cupcake—while we sliced up the cake for the adults.

Most crucially, the cake was delicious.


I couldn’t resist making another photo booth (last year’s was so fun)—and I just loved seeing the results. Aron and I brainstormed a few bug-themed puns, and then laughed at the challenge of explaining to three-year-olds that you hold the printed side out.




Do you recognize Hudson’s little girlfriend, Olivia, from last year? She was the one he was running after to kiss! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in a year.




We had a little bug-hunt (the kids decorated some bug-keeping jars with stickers) around the yard, but the highlight was seeing the real thing.

Before lunch, Tracy from Amazing Animal World came and brought a slew of cool insects—and some animals who eat them.


I love that our youngest guest (besides all the babies, of course) brought out her magnifying glass to examine the frogs!


The kids were so engaged, I think we could have actually all hung back, but almost every adult ended up coming over to watch and participate by halfway through the show. She was awesome.



And everyone was so brave!


Hooray for Hudson! Bee-ing three is going to be great.

P.S. Thanks, mom & dad for letting us use your backyard—in the 100 degree heat! Also, Hudson’s first birthday party—on the Hudson River. As well as his second. And a party fit for a superhero.

Update: A few people asked about sources. Photo Booth: White Tablecloth, Chalkboard signs & Butterfly Stickers  from Target with these Paper Flowers

 / Happy Birthday Banner from Target (I cut out Hudson’s name in felt
.) / Cake Stand and Bees (handmade with felt
and Lollipop sticks
) / Ant Stamp
/ Foil Balloon
/ Bug Jars
and Fake Bugs
/ Party Hats (I added stickers) and Birthday Pin (I added a hand-cut felt circle and number 3) from Target / Most baskets, plates, etc. are from Target. Other hanging globes and balloons are too. / The Caprese sandwich bags are glassine and those for the PB& Js are unbleached wax paper. 

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