Sidewalk Cafes (& Friday Links)

I was filling out a survey about our downtown earlier this week, and it struck me that my very favorite favorite spaces all have one thing in common: sidewalk seating. It’s one of the things I miss most about New York (and would miss even there, sometimes, during the winter). It made me curious, what do you like best about your city’s downtown?

An essay on downtowns for people, and more things I’ve been taking note of recently, follow below.

Have a good weekend!

Jane Jacobs’ 1958-essay on downtowns still holds up. So many gems!

I saw these reading glasses in Kristin Bell’s Instastory this week, and while they look ridiculous, I think they’re so brilliant! No more tired arms.

Just in case you missed it, Oprah delivered a phenomenal speech at the Golden Globes.

A handful of you wrote to ask about my down jacket from our Tahoe pics on Instagram. It was Zara, but a few seasons ago. I found this one on Abercrombie, and think it would be great with its cinch-able waist (and it’s half-off).

Also, in regards to down-filled warmth: I’d been waiting for this vest to come back into stock after seeing that Linda Rodin is a fan.

So that’s why it feels weird to poke your belly button? Try it. It’s wild!

Another long-needed explanation? Why paper cuts hurt so much. Fascinating!

Can you microwave that? Ever been hesitant? Now there’s a guide.

I don’t often get excited about makeup, but this undereye primer is amazing and has me looking much more awake on sleepy mornings. I use it on its own or under concealer.

Sarah Silverman shows you a better way to respond to trolling. Wow.

We need to talk some post-partum truth!  (via Reading My Tea Leaves)

From the news desk, how to world is responding to Trump’s (latest) offensive remarks.

“In appearing to suggest that immigrants from places like El Salvador, Haiti, Liberia, and Sierra Leone couldn’t become productive and assimilated American citizens, the press-office statement demonstrated that deep racial prejudices extend beyond the Oval Office to other parts of the White House.” Yes! Wish we could all just agree on this, now. Everyone registered to vote?

[Photo taken in the West Village; here are more New York City posts]

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