Hello, autumn (& Friday Links)


Yesterday was the official start of fall. Always gets me humming a little Donovan: “You’ve got to pick up every stitch… Oh no, must be the season of the witch.”

I feel like it’s easier to let fall pass by without the appropriate fanfare in California—the seasons tend to be more subtle. I find myself wanting to work a bit harder to really savor them. Last year I came up with a “fall to-do list“—things like apple picking and chili stewing. Does anyone else make a list? What do you put on it?

Around here, this weekend will still feel like summer—it’s supposed to be 97 on Sunday. We’re going to see Science Friday at the Mondavi Center Saturday, and I’m having friends over to celebrate the nearing arrival of a baby. We’ll also pack up the kids overnight bags for a quick kidless getaway on Monday! Exciting!

If you’re looking for some good links for the weekend… 

According to Kottke, this is the best fall foliage map of the country.

Distraction addiction and being “alone together.” How the internet almost killed Andrew Sullivan.

I fell in love with the sets of Fantastic Mr. Fox, particularly when elements were put on display in holiday windows in New York. Would love to see this book.

On that note, did you know there are action figures? That is truly cussing awesome.

The open and generous heart of a six-year-old.

Crazy (and incredible) images of the Qiantang river at high tide. (All the kids in arms?!)

Love this short video with Kristen Bell mocking the gender pay gap. (Which is, apparently, going to be at issue for a while.)

Sad. But also: nature is amazing! Hermit crabs using trash for shells.

15 Ways to be a better person

Decoding the bread aisle

With swim season ending, I’m finding myself Googling “How to get the green out of pool hair?” Ketchup actually seemed to work, but I just ordered a bottle of this.

Just came across a very old guest post I wrote with a poem from our wedding.

Smallable has such cute things for kids.

And finally, a must-read whenever the pumpkin spice lattes return to menus: It’s decorative gourd season again!

Have a great weekend!

[Photo from a wine-tasting dinner last year.]

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