How to Make Homemade Magic Shell

I learned a terribly wonderful thing over the weekend. You know that sort of amazing, delicious albeit waxy chocolate that hardens instantly atop your ice cream? The stuff of your childhood? That you hoped would pool at the bottom or sides of your bowl in large chunks? The stuff that you squirted into your mouth sometimes when no one was looking? (Oh, you didn’t do that?)

You can make it at home. Anytime you want. In a matter of seconds. With really, really good chocolate.

The secret is coconut oil—which you can find fairly easily these days. You can use any chocolate you wish; I had some Guittard Bittersweet chips on hand, but you could get pretty creative.

The ratio should be about 2:3 coconut oil to chocolate. I just estimate and combine the two ingredients in a microwave-safe glass. To make a single serving, I would recommend starting at 30 seconds in the microwave and then stirring. Add more time or remove: As soon as you have a silky, melted chocolate you’re ready to go. (Just be careful when you pull it out to check, because the oil will be hotter than the chocolate.)

Terribly, sinfully convenient. Am I right?

P.S. Small batch chocolate by Dandelion and Mast Brothers; and Caramel Pears.

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