Sweetest Flower

Although I love buying seasonal fruit from the Greenmarket at Union Square, the fruit stands on the streets do have surprisingly good produce, too–and even if they are not always locally seasonal, they do seem to follow the seasons of some parts of the world. In summer, I buy pounds and pounds of Lychees, the sweetness of which makes it feel more like I am eating candy than fruit. Right now, all the stands are selling figs. Nothing can compare with the figs we had in Croatia, which were so ripe you couldn’t stack one on top of the other for fear its soft goey center would ooze out. Still, these figs are really good; and served on top of some whole-milk Ricotta from Joes Dairy, with some sea salt and a drizzel of honey, they make an amazing breakfast or dessert. I got these on the way home from call this morning.

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