I stopped wearing contacts in college when the demands of limited sleep from rowing, course work, and socializing made wearing contacts too irritating. Somehow, I’ve chosen a career where the sleep schedule is even worse, so when my eye prescription needed updating, glasses were the only way to go.

Over the past month, as Ashley and I walked the city, we’d check out glasses stores as we went. We found a pair I really from liked at Moscot’s on the Lower East Side. Hyman Moscot began selling glasses from a pushcart in the LES in 1899 and eyeware has remained a family business since 1915 when he opened his store. Hyman’s great, great grandson was there when I first came and we talked shop a bit about our respective health care fields before I decided on one particular pair–patient to provider, so to speak. I was drawn to most of the line of Moscot Orignals–reproductions of some of their most popular shapes from the 40s and 50s. I was tempted by the model that Johnny Depp wears, but mainly because, well, hey… Johnny Depp. I ended up going for a more Henry Kissinger-esque style (the Nebb). They were ready the next day, and its hard to know why I waited so long.

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