The Right Fit: Fall Boots

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Starting to think about fall boots? Where do you stand on ankle boots versus tall boots these days? I’d always loved the look of riding boots in the fall but struggled with fit. (Are my calves really so big? Why are they all-too-tight?!)

I rejoiced when JCrew and Madewell (I have the Archive Boot) started offering extended calf-sizes and appreciated when more brands started to make zippers part of the detailing. Sam Edelman has a pair with both!

So how do you know if the boot will fit if you’re hoping to order a new (tall) pair online? Vogue recently referenced a UK-brand, Ted & Muffy, that “refers to itself as ‘fairy tale fitters’ for its offering of options in an array of calf sizes (and clever, friendly instructions on how to do at-home measurements).” I thought their fit tips would come in handy for anyone and took some notes…

Calf Measuring Tips

  • While seated, with your feet flat, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your calf, taking care not to leave a gap. Measure to the nearest 1cm.
  • Measure both calves.
  • Check with the brand to see if you should size up or down if your measure falls between numbers.
  • Natural leathers are more likely to expand and give over time. Suede will give most of all.
  • In general, boot height is the distance in a straight line between the bottom of your heel to the top of your boot.

Socality Barbie-001

P.S. Other favorite fall boots.

[Top image via JCrew (Field Boot) / Bottom images via Emerson Fry (Trooper Boot)]

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