Best clothes for the tall guys

Best clothing sources for Tall Guys

Best clothes for Tall Guys

Have I mentioned that Aron is 6’8″ tall?

Every now and then I get questions from a reader with a similarly tall (and lean) husband or boyfriend about where on earth he finds clothes that fit. The answer? Online.

Actually, Aron is lucky to be able to buy most of his pants off the (in-store) rack, but virtually all of his shirts have to be sourced from shops with dedicated tall sections online. I have a few favorites that quickly come to mind (J. Crew button-downs and sweaters—and ties!—and Gap’s tall t-shirts are in heavy rotation), but here’s my usual list:

Gap and Banana Republic tall sections are great for staples.

L.L. Bean and Lands’ End both carry tall sizes and are great for jackets and parkas.

Brooks Brothers will measure you and do custom tailoring (good for special occasions).

Nordstrom‘s dress shirts are the best and come in a range of sizes.

And my friend Rebecca suggests that American Apparel‘s basic cotton tees are longer than most “and fit pretty darn well considering they don’t offer a specifically taller size.”

Bird Rock along the 17-mile-drive, Carmel, CA

P.S. This is what he was stooping to look at in the photo up top. Just a few sea lions along the 17-mile-drive this past weekend in Carmel. This whole part of California’s coast… just wow.

[Aron’s plaid shirt is from J.Crew’s Tall shop]

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