Tidepools near Monterey

While we were staying in Monterey over the weekend, we made a point to look at the tide tables and seek out some tidepools at low tide. If you drive into Pacific Grove, along the appropriately named Sunset Drive, you’ll discover the Asilomar Marine Reserve and some amazingly rich habitats for tidepooling.


It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon with Hudson, who loved that we were all squatting down to look at tiny things at his level. (Of course we couldn’t help but take lots of photos of his reactions.)




He found ambling over and climbing up rocks to be far more thrilling than almost anything else you could imagine.

Even the mussel shells were special to him: here, he had us laughing when he started to rub the shiny shell against his cheek saying “I love it. I love it.”


Watching lines of Pelicans swoop down toward the turbulent ocean, spotting otters along the shore’s kelp beds… it was an amazing place to be—at any age.

Oh. And then this happened.

There’s a mile-long trail at Asilomar State Beach with side paths leading down to tidepools, but we stopped closer to Point Pinos (shown approximately on a Google map).

Tips: Be sure to visit around low-tide for the best conditions. Be careful of slippery footing (there are better shoes for this than ours); and don’t turn your back on the ocean, especially if conditions are rough. Finally, be sure to watch your step for delicate habitats and leave all shells and animals where you find them. The area is part of a protected State Marine Reserve (but that’s just good practice).

P.S. Where to eat lunch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Also, thank you for asking: my shoes are by Clarks. Hudson’s sweater is Zara Boys. This jacket (and this one) look similar to the one I’m wearing.

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