Hither & Thither has a brand new look!

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Hither & Thither has had a few small updates over the years (nearly six years now to be precise), but I’m so excited to finally reveal a completely fresh, redesigned site! Hooray! This was long overdue.

A big thank you to Allie Lehman and Adam Lehman of The Wonder Jam for all of the hard work they put into the design and, behind the scenes, for their counsel; I was thrilled to collaborate with such a friendly and talented duo. And thank you to Matt Hartgering for the awesome site development.

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I just love how much more intuitive it feels to me (and I hope to you, too). Categories along the top—Family, Travel, Design, Style, Home, Food & Drink, New York, and California—can all be searched visually. (And, soon, so too will be the Travelogues that are linked in the right sidebar.)

Here are a few more of my favorite new features:

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There’s a whole new hybrid style of content: while the first posts will appear on the homepage as always, older posts appear in a grid below. Much easier to preview, and everything stays chronological as you move through past posts.

We’ve also added a way to see my latest Pins in real time, to the foot of the page.

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There are more related posts to browse, below each full post.

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And you can easily see what other readers are enjoying most, under the Popular Posts feature in the sidebar.

I hope you’ll look around and let me know what you think of the improvements. There are still some changes in progress, so you may continue to notice updates throughout the week (or weeks) ahead—but I hope you love it as much as I do.

RSS subscribers, be sure to click over and check things out. And if you haven’t re-subscribed since Google Reader shut down, I hope you will now! (You can, of course, also follow on Facebook or Twitter.)

P.S. Read more about the update on The Wonder Jam’s blog. Again, such a great team! Have a fun weekend!

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