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While we’re jumping ahead to Christmas…

Hudson has been reading a Santa book from last year’s Christmas pretty much year ’round. He even does a little dance-wiggle when he points to the snowman, recalling perhaps how there’s some magic in that old silk hat he wears? I am so curious to see how he takes to all of the holiday tradition this year (particularly Santa, as he was not a fan of the fellow in person)—and am more excited than ever to start new family traditions with him (and, eventually, his sister) in mind.

First order of business? A new Christmas book for us to read together.

The always lovely Chronicle Books has a division called MyChronicleBooks that makes a customized version of the classic poem, The Night Before Christmas: Hudson’s should be arriving soon—with his name included throughout, as well as ours and Sawyer’s and where we live (important details for Santa, of course), so that we can read it together leading up to Christmas eve.


After all, he has to know the story so that when my dad one day tells him the naughty-ish version of the poem (from memory no less), he’ll know the difference.

There are some great alternatives to this Christmas tale, however, if you like the idea of a personalized gift book but this isn’t the right one for your family’s holiday traditions. Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site are both huge hits around here. And they have the Petit Collage Baby Book that we got for Hudson when he was born, which would make a nice gift for new parents.

Thank you to MyChronicleBooks for sponsoring this post and supporting Hither & Thither.

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