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I’ve definitely been into the boxier cuts of denim lately, and I know I’m not the only one.

The trick is finding that pair that hugs the right places and stays loose in the other ones. For pants, that usually means a little squeeze at the waist or the butt, and for jackets, you usually want it to still be tailored around the shoulders and under the arms. But obviously, in this world of step-hems and frayed knees, anything goes… Just, relax.

Some favorites… 


Madewell’s denim selection seems to get more and more vast. It’s hard to stop scrolling! But I especially find myself drawn to that pair in the lead photo (the “dadjean”) and this one, the High-Rise Slim Boyjean (shown here in Hatfield Wash: Button-Front Edition, but there are other washes).

Also, Topshop Boyfriend Jeans and…

Levi Wedgie Icons. I’m wearing a vintage 501 pair in this photo, but the wedgies have a really similar fit. The selvedge version, if you’re into ripped knees, have a really nice, vintage feel but they’re all good. This wash is on sale right now.

(I haven’t tried the Everlane ones, but some folks swear by them. Any thoughts?)

Madewell Denim Jacket

Based off a men’s vintage jean jacket, this oversized style has been given some nips and tucks to be more flattering to women and has that perfect lived-in look.

Of course I also still love the look of a softer denim work jacket. This one is from Mollusk (remember this post?). Séline makes a lovely one, too.

I feel like everyone I know has this shirt in some color or pattern. It’s so easy-going.

Finally, perhaps the ultimate relaxed look: overalls (these are from Dôen) and painter-style coveralls. If the latter seems impractical, I’ve tried the denim coverall look, here. (Found this pair, too.)

What do you think? Any new denim trends (or old denim trends) that you’re particularly loving this fall? Do you have a go-to source for jeans? 

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[Lead image: Dadjean by Madewell]

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