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Are you a Lena Dunham fan? I’ve been falling down the Dunham rabbit hole the past couple of days and I’m not even sure I realized how polarizing she is.

For my part, I’m a fan. I don’t always relate to her comedy but I think she’s incredibly talented and smart and even as I’m cringing, I’m usually laughing.

To back up, I was looking up the release date of her book (Not That Kind of Girl

is coming out September 30! Are you going to read it?) and reading the New York Times Magazine piece about her (lots of comparisons to Woody Allen who, I thought it was odd was never referenced as equally polarizing for another reason) and I wanted more. It reminded me of the time Aron and I first watched Girls as a preview and quickly followed it by watching her film, Tiny Furniture.

One of the best things I stumbled upon this time was a 2013-interview (or, more accurately, conversation) Dunham conducted with fellow writer/comedian/future bff Mindy Kaling for a print offshoot of Rookie (a smart website for teen girls that is an equally notable piece of the interview equation) and which was republished in Rolling Stone. (I told you… Rabbit Hole.)

If you like these two, you’ll enjoy it.


Do you watch Girls? The Mindy Project? Will you be reading Not That Kind of Girl

? (And if not, what are you watching? And why not?)

P.S. A couple of good (very different) non-fiction reads: The Power of Habit and The Happiness Project

[photos via The New York Times Magazine; 2nd photo Credit Benjamin Lowy/Reportage, for The New York Times]

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