Mother’s Day Gifts

mother's day

Shopping for Mother’s Day? There’s no one perfect gift for the grandmother, mother, sister, wife, and expectant spouse… Maybe a simple handwritten card or some flowers will do, maybe she’s hoping for the moon!

Here are a few ideas…

Quality, French Cheese Knives that look pretty atop her cutting board.
The most decadent cookies, straight from New York. (Or you could bake a batch, because she’d love those too!)
A classic Breton striped shirt (the new staple).
Pajamas she could stay in all day.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

in a color she’ll love, because she still prefers handwritten notes.
But she shouldn’t have to waste precious time on the return address, so a custom Calligraphy-style stamp would be sweet.

mother's day-001

A gorgeous new cookbook for her collection: Vegetable Literacy

A luxurious (and beautiful) Turkish Hammam Pestemal

Repeat after me: Keep Calm.
A set of stacking rings. (Perhaps pricey for the occasion, but aren’t they gorgeous?)
Gemstone Meaning Earrings (I’d choose the Aqua Chalcedony for endurance—something about marathons versus sprints?)
Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series
, because you know she’ll love Tami Taylor and this is ideal summer-time, nursing on the sofa, binge-watching television.

mother's day-002

Nespresso Milk Frother
, for the perfect latte, even if she never makes it out the door.
Cenitfolia Robe from Anthropologie: that place between comfortable and sexy.
An Air Plant: simple to care for, lovely to look at
Zoku Quick Pop Maker
, because she really wants a popsicle, too.

Not pictured:
A brag book with her favorite photos from Pinhole Press. She’ll love it forever.
Well-crafted with a story behind it: something pretty from BRIKA.
A book of essays written and illustrated by women: Equals.

And of course:
Anything made with love.

An offer of help. (True story: A few months ago, I happened to be at an event with the founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann. His wife, infant, and mother-in-law were along with him. I got to talking with the last of those three—who was visiting from across the globe—and I’ll never forget it: I said something to the effect of “it must be so nice to be here with your grandson.” And she replied “Oh, no. I’m not here for him. I’m here for my daughter. Everyone wants to take care of a baby; I’m here to take care of my daughter.” Amazing, right?)

P.S. My wedding anniversary falls on Mother’s Day this year, by the way. Just saying. Wink, wink.

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