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Equals Cover

Elisabeth Thurston Fraser and Miya Hirabayashi are about to release the inaugural print edition of Equals, “Exploration,” with essays and photographs devoted to cartography, uncharted territory, nostalgia, and souvenirs. For almost a year, they’ve been publishing contributed work on their site, the Equals Record (you can read my essay, “Being Camera Ready,” there), and have decided to create a new publishing platform that can really showcase content from up-and-coming writers, photographers, and illustrators. It looks beautiful and I wish them much luck!

I’ll be sharing ideas for Mother’s Day gifts next week and this would make a nice addition to the list. (You can buy the book at a reduced rate or purchase a limited edition gift package here.)

Here are some other things of note lately…
Hanna Rosin’s “The Touch Screen Generation” in The Atlantic: I appreciated hearing a less black-and-white approach and the raising of questions about the pros and cons of screened entertainment in children’s lives. It’s the wild west. What are you rules on screen-time in your home?
Can’t wait to try out Victoria’s Guide to Bohemian Modern SF App. (And how fun would it be to make a travel-guide app!? Hmmmm…)
If only I were so disciplined as to follow-through on a closet cleanup like this. Maybe one day.
Lightening the camera-load? Intriguing: converting from a full-frame professional D-SLR to a mirrorless system.
Made reservations for a cooking class? Looking for more first date ideas? (via Design Crush)
Remember my pizza trials to achieve the perfect, home-cooked, Naples-style pizza? Well, this cheese suggestion may be just what I’m looking for to keep the crust crisp and cheese fresh.


Finally, you may have glimpsed a little unusual glamour on my Instagram recently: Friends brought us as guests to the Meals on Wheels SF gala (which raised a whopping $2.165 million—auctioning off things like dinner in your home for you and your lucky friends with a top chef for the likes of $40,000, sometimes many times over). It was an incredible (and delicious) night for a wonderful cause; Meals on Wheels is committed to helping isolated homebound Seniors live independently.

Have a great weekend!
[Equals cover image by Judy Pak]

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