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On the north end of Tribeca, on the shores of the Hudson, a new pier has opened. Ashley and I love strolling along the west side of the island, and were excited to see the construction finished and pier 25–filled with people–walkable. It starts with what must be the most amazingly located skate park, where some kids with serious skill (and some without) were breaking-in the concrete edges. From there, the pier juts out, affording amazing views for the kids playing on jungle gyms, climbing walls, and swings–and even better ones for beach volleyball players and miniature golfers that will soon be able to play on the new grounds. If it were 50 degrees warmer this past weekend, that’s where I’d have been!

Here are some more photos and an aerial shot of the pier, taken just before it opened.

P.S. Ashley would add that the parents were the most beautiful, stylish parents we’d seen yet at a playground, and included Harvey Keitel pushing a tot in a swing.

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