First kitchen: The Ultimate Kitchen Registry

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Speaking of kitchens, I was listening to the America’s Test Kitchen podcast in the car the other day during the caller phone-in portion of the show. A recently-engaged woman had called in to ask what Chris Kimball and Bridget Lancaster’s “all-star, can’t-live-without in the kitchen” equipment recommendations would be, and which kitchen items they would suggest one register for.

I think we can all agree that you could get by with very little, but in an ideal (wedding registry) situation, one needs a list. Here were their “big-ticket, go-for-the-gold” picks…

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These are the “big ones” (with their top brand picks): 
All-Clad Skillets and Saucepans (The test kitchen agreed: at least a 12-inch and 8-inch skillet and a 4-qt. saucepan to start.)
Le Creuset Enameled Dutch Oven (7-qt.)
Kitchen-Aid Stand-Mixer
Cuisinart Food Processor

Some good knives… 
An 8″ Chef’s Knife, a pairing knife (3-1/2 or 4″ blade). And a stiff, serrated bread knife is optional. (Victorionox and Wüsthof were their recommended brands.)
Knife sharpener. They like the Chef’s Choice.
A nice wooden cutting board. (They like bamboo, but also recommend Polypropylene mats.)

If you like to bake… 
Half-sheet pans, rimmed (useful for everything)
Cooling racks
Kitchen timer

Therma-pen (Expensive, but “worth the money.”)
Tongs (Go for the longest ones if you’re using on the barbecue), wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, and parchment paper.

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What would you add? 

My other top picks would include a hand juicer; a microplane (useful for everything from citrus, to parmesan, to nutmeg); mixing bowls; and stainless steel measuring spoons and cups. And the luxuries I’d add would be a waffle iron (for these and these), an ice cream maker, and a baking steel. And then there’s a whole ‘nother list for all of those coveted linens and beautiful table items.

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P.S. The Ultimate Baby Registry

[Photos of from a food styling workshop at Karen Mordechai’s Brooklyn studio: the most aspirational kitchen (and props) I could imagine.]


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