Pain au Chocolat

A while back we raved about one of our favorite croissants in the city, the pretzel croissant at City Bakery. Well, there’s a new number one these days. It’s hard for either of us to pass by Taralucci e Vino without picking up one of their chocolate croissants. It really is the best croissant I’ve had here to-date (particularly, it seems, at their bakery location on First Avenue). They make an Italian-style chocolate cornetti as well, but our vote goes to the items made with the French-style puff pastry (the almond and cinnamon-raisin croissants are likewise made with this dough and are a close-second to the chocolate).

I particularly like ordering these with Aron because it reminds me that the first French phrase he had me teach him when we were in Paris was “je voudrais un pain chocolat,” and he would walk into pâtisseries and say it with such flair! It is the most important phrase to know… bah oui.

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