I scream, you scream…

I’ve been trying to convince myself that a few bites of dark chocolate or a piece of fruit will do for dessert, to no avail. Lately, all I want at the end of the day is ice cream. Ice cream sandwiches, to be precise.

We’ve been going through boxes of It’s Its like they’re going off the market–which is highly unlikely since they’ve been around since 1928. Oh yes, and there’s a reason: it’s the perfect ratio of real ice cream, crunchy oatmeal cookie, and dark chocolate coating. They’re so delicious!

I had actually forgotten about this classic California treat (the real San Francisco treat), but recently, while browsing the frozen section, I spotted something else interesting. Cool Haus, a food truck that starting making rounds in New York City the summer I was pregnant and thus has always held a special place in my heart, had distributed their ice cream sandwich.

So it felt like a meaningful gesture when, instead of reaching for the New York Cool Haus “Mintimalism,” I reached for the Calfornia Mint Chocolate It’s It instead.

I wish I could say–in equally loaded language–that I haven’t looked back. But then I wouldn’t have these photos for you.

P.S. My father-in-law suggested that It’s Its are best when they’re fresh from the factory and the cookies are fresh. You can schedule a direct pick-up if you’re local! I’ve yet to try this, but I think an order with some dry ice might be in our future.

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