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Look at teeny, tiny Skyler! This was me trying to take some photos of the house when our home tour ran on A Cup of Jo a few years back. (You can also see it here, with the befores/afters). I was remembering that process as a local magazine is going to come take some photos of our house on Tuesday. This time, I get to just watch the photographer, but I’m going to clean our rugs and look at all of my things with a critical eye that will drive Aron crazy over the weekend. You know, a fun, relaxing Saturday.

And then on Sunday, we have a babysitter coming while we go on our annual tubing trip down the American River! I’m actually hoping for some more hot weather. It’s really cooling down at night!

For us, it’s the last weekend of summer before school starts on Wednesday. The summer has flown by (yada yada yada), but I think we’re also ready for the routine to resume. Skyler asks just about every morning: do I go to school today? Mom just doesn’t use enough glitter.

Anything exciting happening? Some links of note for the downtime… 

Conspiracy? How will Congress respond? And if Congress does not act, how will voters respond in the midterm elections? The news of the hour.

The myth of Watergate bipartisanship. Interesting read.

This response about kneeling for the anthem has been shared with me a few times. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a good one.

The necessity of the new-mom friend.

Millennials range in age up to 37 years old!

My friend, Nicolette (who you might recognize from my Day in Sacramento guide), just published a beautiful photography website. (Love these photos of our cabin I spied there!)

Happy children do chores? (Can you tell mine that?)

So many fun party details in this Back-to-school party.

Women’s pocket disparity. (via SwissMiss)

Amazing fact generator.

Everywhere and nowhere. Black in fashion.

Our kids still use these glasses. They’re the perfect size and practically unbreakable!

Ditching plastic straws? Some good options: These stainless steel ones, these colored silicone options, and these Repurpose compostable straws for slipping into your purse if you still want some disposable options on hand.

Why is this so expensive?! No need to sincerely answer, but does anyone have a good dupe to suggest? I wish I knew how to sew.

Kid slam dunk.

Thank you so much for all of the well-wishes for Skyler! I really appreciated it! She’s doing great.



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