Summer of the floss

[Video: Summer of The Floss by Aron Bruhn]

Something silly to start your Monday: Aron gathered up all the clips we have of Hudson flossing through Italy. He was unstoppable!

The flossing craze came fast on the heels of the Dab, but seems to have somewhat subsided in our house—despite a brief resurgence when our nephews arrived from Germany and all of the kids were swinging their arms and hips together. If you have a child, you’ve likely seen them doing this dance, which gained momentum in 2017, when Instagram-star “The Backpack Kid” performed it with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live.

It reminds me of my trying to do the Kid n Play when I was in elementary school.

Was there a dance like this for you when you were a kid? Perhaps Soulja Boy’s crank dance? The Hammer shuffle?

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