Secret Lives of 4-Year-Olds (& Friday links)

Secret Life of 4 year olds

This past winter, the UK’s Channel 4 aired a program called “The Secret Lives of 4-Year-olds,” where-in these little tots with adorable (to my American sensibility) British accents are filmed going about making friends and negotiating their day in a nursery school. Here’s the full episode, but perhaps one of the funniest moment is this phone call Jessica makes while playing mom. “Stop ringing me Richard. You’re not the dad.” Kids are such sponges!

This is of course of particular interest to me now that we have a 4-year-old (a wildly energetic, wonderfully sweet one). As he gets older, there are more and more activities for him that don’t require parental participation. He started the mini-program with Davis Swim Team and walked over to meet the coach and the other kids all by himself. So all glimpses into those worlds—like the preschool classroom—are fascinating.

Yesterday was actually his first day back at school—his last year before kindergarten; he’s one of the big kids there now. And I took him to a little social there they day before. I spotted a list of names on the wall, his included, and beside each was something he or she worries about followed by a possible way to “fix” it should the fear be realized. I took a picture, because it’s just so wonderful. There’s so much personality in each one. (And poor Sawyer.)

I’ll but transcribe it and change the names except Hudson’s.

Mike—worried that his paper heart will rip (art project) / Fix: see-through tape

Kalen—worried about his Captain America book ripping / Fix: read my ant-man book!

Hudson—my doggy dying / Fix: get a new doggy! 

Jake—monsters eating people!! / Fix: shoot the monster

Eli—that my shoes are going to rip / Fix: get someone to sew them

Candice—that my doggy’s hair would fall off / Fix: tell my mommy.


Here are some other items of note… 

I’ve been posting some photos of Hawaii to my Instagram and shared some one day on Family Jaunts (love this one of Skyler). Hopefully soon I’ll write a full travelogue.

Speaking of Instagram: you don’t have to be square.

Also, #Wallsforbloggers. Haha.

Remember our discussion: ‘would you hire a photographer on vacation?’ The Guardian wrote about El Camino Travel, too.

Apparently Nordstrom will convert any bra to a nursing bra for a small fee? What?! Amazing.

Rayanne from My So-Called Life is, like, totally a Countess now.

How to plan a Round-the-World ticket. (I’ve always wanted to do that.)

Speaking of productivity, have you heard of Inbox Pause?

And Jerry Seinfeld’s trick for getting work done.

How to be a morning person: “being a morning person actually means doing stuff, so do stuff, but keep it reasonable.”

Love Michelle LeBlanc. Enjoyed this feature about the founder of Mille on Mother.

Are you a Quentin Tarantino fan?

A favorite guidebook series for the sans-kids trips or for finding cool shops.

And thanks to the nice response about the photos of me and the kids last week! If you’re interested in shopping my friend’s lovely shop, Bitte, she’s offering 10% off my picks sitewide through the end of September with the code HITHERTHITHER10.

Have a great weekend! I hope nothing of yours rips… 

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