The Blue City of Jodhpur

Have you seen JCrew‘s catalogue set in India? I recognized the setting immediately as Udaipur—our first stop in Rajasthan when we visited a few years ago.

The entire state of Rajasthan was such an explosion of color; it was incredible. I think my favorite city from our brief tour was, however, Jodhpur—or “the blue city.” I wrote extensively about our visit in Part two of our India Travelogue, but a highlight was ascending to Meherangarh Fort. Incredible in its own right (ramparts of the fort extend from a massive sandstone outcropping and are themselves made of finely carved sandstone), the Fort also afforded us beautiful views of the indigo-hued homes below (apparently painted so because indigo was thought to protect the buildings from insects and help with cooling, and caught on after the Brahmin caste used the color).

At sunset, the dwellings truly glowed and the cool air filled with birds and the sounds of prayer from the temples.

It was just one of the highlights from this vibrant and generous city.

P.S. The portion of India Travelogue featuring Jodhpur. The portion featuring that spot in the JCrew catalogue, Udaipur (along with Mumbai and Narlai). And one way to preserve a souvenir from the trip.

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