Scenes from our Fourth of July

Sharing some scenes from our Fourth of July holiday today…



We joined the city’s morning celebrations for the first time this year, decorating ourselves and Hudson’s new bike. (He got up on pedals for the first time this past Wednesday!) And the kiddie parade was as charming as you’d expect—all three or four blocks-worth.

On our walk downtown, we also got to catch the annual Davis Criterium—a Northern California institution since 1977. There’s a tight L-shaped, eight-corner course that loops downtown all day. When the riders went by, we had Hudson pose his bike beside the course and he quite earnestly told us “I can’t ride that fast.”


In the afternoon, like last year, we had friends over to swim and BBQ—before we all walked over to Community Park for fireworks.





There were babies galore. (Remember all the pregnant friends at my shower?)

And Skyler and her BFF-to-be, Elena, wore the same dress. How embarrassing for them.

The kids crowded around the cake, trying so hard to keep their fingers out of the whipped cream. (By the way: no idea why Hudson has a band-aid on his forehead.)

Another fun year. This is definitely one of my favorite holidays. Hope you all had a good weekend!

P.S. Fourth of July at the beach (Sandy Hook, New York, 9 months pregnant)

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