Summer reading (& Friday links)


What’s everyone reading right now? I’m listening to the audio book of Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed for our book club—on 1.5x speed. (Did you know you can do that?) Each chapter is taken from an answer she gave under the pseudonym “Sugar” in an advice column and some are so heartbreaking. I was wiping my eyes after one and had to say aloud (to no one else in the car) “that was so good!” Other times I bristle at the authority with which she says something must be and I realized that I have a slight aversion to people giving advice with total certainty. It’s been interesting. I do wish it were read with more different voices, however. The voice matters so much, which is why I still prefer to read a book on page (or screen) whenever possible.

Anyway, I posed the question on Instagram last week and loved hearing all of the recommendations—some I was familiar with, but so many new-to-me titles as well. Right now, a few top picks were:

Lighter, fun (or fast) reads: 
Crazy Rich Asians (and the sequel, China Rich Girlfriends)
The Knockoff
Primates of Park Avenue (which inspired this post)
The Royal We

Solidly enjoyable & moving: 
Department of Speculation
The Elena Ferrante Neapolitan Novels
Girl on the Train
Americanah (another one I’ve heard a lot about)
The Martian

Likewise but a bit heavier: 
All the Light We Cannot See (so many recommendations for this one)
Everything I Never Told You
Post Office Girl

Forgive me if any of these are miscategorized. What would you add?

Of course I’m usually online, looking at news journals or blogs (or shops). Here are a few things of note… 

Gorgeous City Guides
Just stop worrying about how women talk.
After To Kill a Mockingbird
I’ve always wanted to go to Marfa.
Love this advice on getting picky kids to eat. (Jenny is a whiz.)
How to recognize drowning. So scary!
Screen addiction in kids (also scary).

P.S. One of my favorite non-fiction books.

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