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Davis lies just 20 minutes west of downtown Sacramento, so we’re lucky to get to take advantage of all the capitol city’s offerings.

I may have mentioned that I lived there for a year between graduate and undergraduate school (I worked as a substitute teacher), and it really feels like the city has grown and changed a lot since then. There are so many new restaurants and shops opening up, and there’s a palpable feeling of excitement amongst residents about the community. I’d like to do a better job of featuring local highlights on here, from time to time.

Gather Oak Park

There’s one particularly remarkable group of people—an events marketing group led by a husband and wife team, Roshaun and Maritza Davis—that are really involved in the local scene and who call themselves Unseen Heroes. They’ve started multiple Sacramento events, including something called Gather in the neighborhood of “once-beleagured” neighborhood of Oak Park. It’s grown to be a much-anticipated summer event.

Held on the second Thursday of each month from May through October from 5-9pm, Gather brings together the neighborhood for food trucks, local craft beers, and some music—a “culinary block party.” Last night, there was even some impromptu break-dancing, which totally enthralled the kids.

Brunch Boys Chicken Waffle

The Brunch Boys’ truck hails from Davis, so I do hope they’ll come around our ‘hood more often. Aron declared their brunch burger with its hollandaise and egg fixings one of the best he’s had in a long time. My chicken and waffle sandwich, spicy with eggs and bacon, was awesome as well.

Dads Pops Gather

Gather Sacramento

She’s ready for that pizza.



Pizza Truck Sacramento


It was great to see everyone, young and old, up and dancing—really dancing!


And it was nice to watch these two cap the night over children’s books at Old Soul coffee afterward.

P.S. More local stops: Wine tasting on the Sacramento Delta, Rafting on the American River, and Biking in the Davis Arboretum.

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