Ten months

A little late, but better late than never–right?

So much happened in Hudson’s ninth month! He started it off with two new teeth (they seem to arrive in pairs and these were #5 and #6) and a few more shots at the doctor’s office–neither of which were the most pleasant affairs.

I on the other hand look forward to the doctor’s visits now: they are so few and far between! I miss our little chats. Hudson is probably 20 pounds by now–he weighed 19 ½ at the nine-month check-up and measured 26 inches. Long and lean.

While we were there, when she asked if he was starting to pull himself upright, he–as if on cue–pulled himself up on her wheeled-stool and started pushing it around the room!

I recall that, after that appointment, he and I went out to lunch and that it was one of the first times he tried to share his food with me. Well, that’s not completely accurate: he would hold a bite of chicken over my open mouth and then take it back. Now he lets go! He loves to share, and when we get a strawberry or blueberry (or–gasp–a raspberry!), we know it’s love.

It’s much easier eating out with him now that he feeds himself things. (Like bits of pasta and scrambled eggs!) I have a hard time imagining that one day he’ll start using a spoon, too–but that’s been the case with every milestone (I can’t believe it will ever happen and then just, somehow, it does). We have to limit what’s in front of him or he’ll stuff it all in his mouth. He must face quite an internal struggle: at once loving sharing yet always sort of afraid we plan to starve him.

After he started pushing chairs about (at the doctor’s office as well as at home), it was only a matter of days before we found him standing without holding onto something. At first he’d let go unconsciously–usually so motivated to reach for something that it wouldn’t occur to him that he was unhinged from his source of support. And then, out of nowhere, he just stood up! It was the most surprising thing. What made him do it?! We clapped and I squealed (and you may have heard how ridiculously proud I was) and he started clapping with us. Now he loves to clap.

He claps at his own accomplishments or when he’s having fun or, sometimes, on cue when a librarian sings “If you’re happy and you know it.” (We’ve been spending lots of time at various library storytimes. There’s a different branch to choose from every day! However all of Hudson’s new skills are making him very tired and sometimes he sleeps through it.)

Waving also made its debut this month. Just after turning nine months, Hudson was with us at Le Pain Quotidien for dinner, and a little three year old girl walked past. He turned and waved at her! He loves other little children and loves seeing what they’re up to. We go to Barnes and Noble, where he stands at the train or Lego tables and just stares at them as if they’re rock stars!  And then he gets in trouble with those same older kids for putting everything in his mouth.

Just recently he has started to cry when I pick him up to leave the train table. That’s a very new thing: he has started expressing his displeasure if a toy is removed or if we leave a fun situation. He cried about leaving a playground for the first time the other day. He’ll even get mad: he’ll toss his head back and do this dramatic little wail! I call it the Pterodactyl cry. But fornutately he gets over it quickly as he’s pretty easy to distract.

Funny though–the train tables are full of drama. Aron comes home with gossip about all of the bad parental/caregiver behavior (some stow the trains while they shop to make sure thier kid gets to play with them–one mom even had two in her purse!) And I have to watch that the toddlers don’t bully Hudson; it’s crazy to see them try (and they do).

While loud noises like that of the vacuum, Kitchen-Aid mixer, or hand-dryer still upset him, Hudson thinks sneezes are hilarious! And he will imitate a cough.

He enjoys watching ceiling fans, offering up his fist for kisses, going fast in the Ergo, swinging at the playground, and whipping his clothes around. And he loves playing chase! He sqeals with excitement and rushes ahead a few feet before pausing to look back. Often he waits to be caught. If Aron is headed out into the hallway to take out the trash, Hudson will rush out the door, shrieking and giggling and crawling as fast as he can to initiate the game.

Sleep is pretty good these days. For a while he was waking up in the five o’clock hour, but we seem to getting past that. One day he got up at 4:40am, stood up (apparently), and figured out how to open the door. There he was, just standing there and looking at us, babblng before dawn. For the next hour, Aron alternated between holding the door shut and trying to get him to go back to sleep (unsuccessfully). We’re ready for more space. Obviously. Still, he’s taking two regular naps that seem to total 2 ½-3 hours each day and sleeping through the night. I’m making peace with the fact somehow my child is an early riser.

Speaking of sleep: We finally have a babysitter who has been coming over and putting Hudson to sleep on one night each week! We were shocked and excited when it worked on the first time–thank goodness for routine. We have also been doing a babysitting exchange with some friends who are neighbors!

This month felt like the first that Hudson really started pointing at specific items in books. Sometimes he’ll do it when asked; mostly it’s to point again (and again) at the lollipop in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. That’s still his favorite book. He will sit up and watch the whole time–whereas during other books he’ll turn around and start climbing the pillows. He loves the start of The Snowy Day (and laughs when Peter drags his feet or hits the tree with a stick), but loses interest–everytime–during the snowball fight. And he’ll watch our mouths carefully during Mr. Brown Can Moo, but only up until the lightning goes “splat.” Booooring!

He reveals more and more understanding of what we’re saying all the time. He clearly understands “no,” even if he tests it often. For example, we can’t possibly babyproof our entire studio, so we’ve put down a line of painter’s tape for an artifical boundary. He’s not supposed to cross the line of tape and he definitely knows it! He usually stops and looks back at us–maybe hoping for a different answer.  He also seems to listen if you tell him something is “icky” and “not food–again, most of the time.

Hudson took his fourth flight when we all went on a trip out to California–to see our new house! And he had his first haircut.

But perhaps the most notable first was when he took his first steps! A few days later, on Mother’s day, he walked across the floor from point-A to B. A day or so more and he was officially walking! It’s so exciting and his little tiny, squishy legs are working so hard!

He’s always on the move now. But fortunately he still comes and checks in often for lots of hug breaks.

I must say, I felt very mushy and sentimental and lucky on mother’s day. So amazing that this little guy is ours and that we get to see him figuring all of this out! I can’t believe he’s ten months old!

[Photos taken on the 17th; he was really not keen on sitting by himself on the couch this time, and so to keep him from leaping off in despair we offered all sorts of distraction. See all monthly photos and updates here.]


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