Memory lane: Our first apartment

Aron and I took a little trip down memory lane on our last trip to Los Angeles…

This is the first apartment Aron and I shared—on Ogden in the Fairfax district.

I lived in that large, Spanish-style apartment, just up the block from CBS Studios, alone at first as a graduate student at USC. I was about six-months into the Comparative Literature PhD program when Aron came down from San Francisco and moved in. It was a giant one-bedroom with an amazing layout, but it seemed small at the time. (Funny, considering our five years in 500-square-feet.) Six months later, as he began medical school at UCLA, we moved around the corner to a two-bedroom on Genessee.

I remember pushing our things (literally) around the block and being asked whether we were selling our records. We looked like a walking yard sale, we had so barely bothered to pack up.

I went back through our old photos and it’s amazing how few we have of it, especially considering we were there for four years.

It was here that we got engaged (nearly eight years ago)!


Where was your first home away from home (other than the dorms)? What was it like? There’s a great book called My First New York

where artists, actors, writers and the like recount their early days and first homes in the city. No matter where you are though, it’s something you’ll never forget.

P.S. Favorite shops in Los Angeles (and now this one, too) and my pick for pizza in the city.

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