A place to stay: Ruschmeyer’s

When Aron and I went to Montauk a few years ago, we stayed at a fairly dodgy motel. I see I generously called it “fine” in our trip report because Aron booked the room and was so nice to plan the whole trip, but we can both agree now: it was not pretty. Still, we had such an amazing time and vowed we would return, preferably to our beach house. (Ha!)

This hotel, Ruschmeyer’s, opened last year and looks pretty slick. In their goal to evoke a nautical summer camp, King & Grove stationed teepees, ping-pong tables and grills on the lawn and offers bicycles and bingo alongside music and dancing. It might even be too slick on summer weekends, but it would be awesome to book ahead for just after Labor day–when the days are still long and the water (often) still warm, but the crowds thin. They’re open between May and October.

Do folks have favorite haunts in Montauk?

[All images from Ruschmeyer’s website]

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