Shopping the Alameda Flea

We got to the Alameda Antiques Faire a little later than is ideal. Somehow it takes us at least an hour to get out of the house, no matter how much strategizing we do the night before. Add to that the reluctance to wake a sleeping toddler early and the hour drive to Alameda from Davis and–shazam!–it’s suddenly 9am. Suffice to say, we probably missed out on some of the best scores to be had on Sunday.

Still, we had a really nice time looking around–especially for rugs–and came home with a beautiful 60″ George-Nelson-bench reproduction. And some very nice readers stopped to say hello and welcome us to the west coast! How nice is that?!

Here were some of my favorite sights…

Of course the stunning views of San Francisco, across the bay, were one of the best parts of the morning. Somehow we’ve been really lucky lately when it comes to flea markets in amazing locations (like this one and this one).

P.S. We brought along detailed measurements of our home just in case. I love this “prepare for serendipity”-kit Victoria assembles for flea market hunts.

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