A gentleman’s weekend

One can’t help but sense fall’s approach. The nights are growing shorter and cooler and stores’ windows are filled with sweaters and school supplies. While part of me looks forward to the change of season, I am sad to think that summer is nearly over. One of the joys of my summer is the publishing tradition of the long weekend. During the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we get every other Friday off (or the option to work half-days every week)–a holdover from a time when gentlemen in publishing were all wealthy and needed to leave town early to travel to their weekend estates.
No estate for me, but I’m grateful for the tradition nonetheless–especially when it makes it possible for me to spend the day visiting with a good friend who is passing through town. Here are some scenes from the (extended) weekend!

Highlights: ten-mile strolls and Big Bambú, bikes on car-free avenues, meals with friends, hipsters and Assyrian palaces at the Met, ducking out of passing showers for Oysters, tomatoes and corn and eating outside, Italian Ice and–it’s about time–An Education.
Today is Aron’s father’s birthday. Happy Birthday, John!

(B/W photo by Leon Levenstein)

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