In a World… where Lake Bell is my crush.

I’d call it a new “girl crush” but I have to stop myself because one of my other girl crushes (Mindy Kaling) said that “saying ‘girl crush’ is redundant and unnecessary. No one is going to think you’re a lesbian if you just say ‘crush.'” Brilliant.

Anyway, back to Lake Bell. The über-beautiful lady just wrote and directed a new movie called “In a World…” where she stars as an aspiring movie-trailer voice artist whose father was the voice of a generation and who thinks only men can be the coming-attractions voice, and looks more closely at the glass ceiling of the trailer industry. To the Village Voice she said “I’m obsessed with the voiceover industry.” “Clearly.”

I am totally won over by the sort of eccentricity of her passion about this, and am so interested in seeing the movie after hearing her on this NPR Interview. It’s well worth a listen, if only to hear her do what she calls the vocal trend “sexy baby vocal virus” for one of the most iconic voices in radio, All Things Considered’s Robert Siegel. Aron and I were both rapt! Classically trained at a London conservatory, Bell has a way with accents.

Watch the trailer.

P.S. My favorite movie-trailer parody, which culminates in a theme song that’s almost as ubiquitous as the phrase “In a world…” Also, who’s your crush? I was just wondering if Emma Watson is the new Natalie Portman. (Remember how Portman was the “thinking man’s leading lady”?)

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