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I happened to be scrolling through this parodied-Chris-Rock twitter feed a while back, and this caught my eye. I think of it every time Skyler climbs into—and subsequently gets stuck in—a bin of toys (which happens from time to time ), and have a laugh.

So that’s Mr. Rock’s question to you. I have some of my own to add, below, as well as a few links for the weekend… 

How long will it take that resolution to stick? (Also, now would be the time to pull out The Power of Habit again.)

There were so many cold mornings with Hudson when I found myself wishing someone had designed a coat for wearing while I was wearing the baby. Good news: someone has!

This really resonates right now. “People first.” On making 2015 the year of my people.

Such powerful creativity in response to the horrifying violence at Charlie Hebdo.

Austere but warm. Matthew Hranek’s and Yolanda Edward’s home in upstate New York looks especially beautiful in the snow.

So cute! 

Related to that discussion of thank you cards: apparently giving thanks will improve your life.

Before the holiday, I wrote an article for Conde Nast Traveler about some quirky traditions around the world. (And gave a quote about my travel resolution.)

And finally, a few questions:
Has anyone switched to Google Inbox from Gmail? Verdict? Reviews? Regrets? (I can’t keep up with my email. It drives me insane.)

Are you enjoying the 5 Things travel series? I hope so—I’ll be keeping it up this year. Have anyone to recommend? Looking for bloggers with intimate knowledge of a place and stellar photography skills (or access to someone who does), who is not hoping to promote a business. I’ve hesitated to ask in the past because I hate hurting feelings if I say no—but that’s silly, right?

I love getting requests for blog-post topics. (Recent examples: postpartum fashion tips, shopping abroad, affording travel. All of which I’m hoping to get to sooner rather than later!) What would you like to see on here? I’ve never done a formal survey, so I tend to just go with what interests me and hope for the best! From single posts to series, what are you interested in?

Thank you for any feedback! Or perhaps just your answer to Mr. Rock. Stay warm!

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