Brooklyn Brews

It’s about time we checked out the Brooklyn Brewery–proverbial backyard and all.
We went on a “tour” which, as the guide explained, was really more a matter of relocating into the one-room brew factory, listening to a brief history of the company (e.g. the logo is by the guy who created the “I heart NY” campaign!), and an explanation of the brewing process.
I started flirting with the prospect of home-brewing. But then the reality of no-extra-space, no-extra-cash, the inevitability of consuming way too much beer, and the possibility of getting way too into it took over. 
Instead, I bought us some pints–Brown, Dark Matter, Weisse, and Blast. They were all delicious and we’re looking forward to trying their Belgian-style Local One next (it’s at home).
We had gone to Marlow & Daughters and bought some sliced prosciutto and soppressata–which felt oddly highbrow given the sticky floors and the slight tinge of college-kegger atmosphere, but they tasted great with the beers.

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