Village East Cinema (& Friday Links)

Stumbled across this little guide to the East Village by Natalie Suarez and was instantly transported back to those years of living in the East Village and walking to the movies. I’ll never forget bringing Hudson here as a newborn and suddenly realizing how loud movies are! (Although he slept through it, of course—and through his first movie experience in Brooklyn.) Spring always makes me nostalgic for the city and its blooms. Are the magnolias out?

What are your plans for the weekend? We’ll be attending the campus open house party known as picnic day on Saturday—the kids are looking forward to the parade. And speaking of movies, I’d love to see one at our favorite spot in town. We’ll see if we can swing it…

In the meantime, some links of note…

On the importance of proper seasoning.

Can’t wait to show the kids: the Longest domino line.

Made me laugh.

A piece of Scandinavian design I admired throughout our trip last June. I just need to pick some colors and commit.

Authenticity? Privacy protection? What limits do you impose on yourself when it comes to Instagramming kids?

Anna Wintour’s wild garden.

Following Bri down a marigold rabbit hole.

Things to do for Earth Day.

Awesome new favor kits for kids’ parties.

The Pulitzer winners this year.

Related, I really loved The Underground Railroad, which won for fiction. Makes me want to read the two runners up, The Sport of Kings and Imagine Me Gone.

Not just for babies? Broccoli balls.

Adding time barriers to dieting.

The Fresno library has a dial-a-story line?! Could come in handy!

A couple of favorite tweets yesterday: Stephen Colbert and James Hamblin

“There’s no reason to think that a million-dollar contribution made after Election Day would be any less corrupting or pose any less risk of influence than a million-dollar contribution made before Election Day.” Only you can’t follow the money. 

Finally, hoping for a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Inspired by this father and by the many others who recently ran in the NYRR Half Marathon to raise money for their children, I’ll be looking for suggestions or leads for successful fundraising campaigns to raise money for medical research. Any chance one of you has experience to share with me?

[photograph by Dylana Suarez for Natalie Suarez]


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