Brooklyn Bridge Park Cinema (and a new borough for Hudson!)

If you’re in town over the summer, you know that the city opens up a wealth of amazing venues to the big screen–along rivers, in parks, on rooftops. I’ve yet to crowd in for a screening at Bryant Park (and doubt that we will), but the view from beautiful (and newly renovated) Brooklyn Bridge Park makes the crowded affair fully worthy of some effort.

This summer’s season opened with Woody Allen’s Manhattan. How incredible would that have been?! Having just missed out (I looked at the schedule the very next day), we tried to go the second week and see Ghostbusters. We packed up the blanket and the cooler and then, instead, detoured into Labor & Delivery for observation upon finding my blood pressure to be elevated.

Since then, I’ve felt a bit too fragile for the long trek and Hudson seemed too young for the late-night outing. But we took a cab to and from the base of the bridge to make it easier, got our little fella snug in the sling, and took him on his first trip to another borough. Walking over the bridge with Hudson was such a thrill, and we couldn’t stop taking photos (clearly). The crowd was much more intense than that on my last visit–perhaps having to do with the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

We grabbed some Mexican food before settling in to the tune of “Moon River.” We left early–it was bedtime before long–but it was a great first foray outside of Manhattan.

Check the calendar of events for upcoming showtimes!

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