UC Davis Arboretum Loop


The UC Davis arboretum is such a lovely place. We routinely visit to bike or walk the 3.5-mile loop and see what blooms are in season (there are tons of native plants that make for good garden inspiration), or to count how many new foals have been born at the campus barns.









This past weekend it was filled with battling bands, as the campus celebrated its annual Picnic Day. It’s a sort of open house for the school and this marked the hundredth year!

We got up early and walked to campus to meet friends and watch the parade in the morning before swinging by the Etymology department—because someone I know gets pretty excited about bugs these days. (Hudson held a walking-stick insect!) We also stopped off at the campus fire department, where they land a rescue helicopter and let you climb aboard all the trucks (jackpot!), before passing plenty of inebriated college students on our way back through downtown.

Here’s a couple of photos from the parade, and two from the fire station. (One from this year and one from last year—Hudson is growing so fast!)



ucd fire

P.S. If you’re ever coming to Davis to see a concert at the Mondavi Center, the arboretum is a nice place to stroll before. And eventually, there will be an art museum, too.

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