What do your kids eat for breakfast?

For almost as long as I can remember—I think it goes back to when he was one-year-old—Hudson has chosen to eat the same breakfast: peanut butter on banana with a side of yogurt. 

We use Laura Scudder’s Natural Nutty Peanut Butter (though he was pretty happy when someone left some Jif in our cabin), and should probably own stock in the company at this point. A supply is always on hand, jars upside-down in the pantry waiting their turn. At least the glass jars come in handy. 

For the yogurt, our favorite is Wallaby Full-fat Greek. The kids prefer the vanilla, but we mix it with the plain in hopes that one day they’ll prefer unsweetened yogurt. I’d say we’re at a 70/30 ratio right now. 

And then, if it’s a special day—or even if they just get up and make breakfast all by themselves (i.e. a special day)—there might be some sprinkles involved. 

Sometimes we’ll go out and he’ll choose pancakes or bagels, but it’s risky: there’s definitely a mood shift if there isn’t a first breakfast at home. We’ve even packed peanut butter in our suitcase!

What do your kids eat for breakfast? 

P.S. Breakfast around the world and perhaps the ultimate breakfast treat for the last day of school. Also, the best waffles. Period.

[Update: The plates are by RePlay and the utensils are from Constructive Eating. Thanks!]

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