Dry goods, etcetera

We finally made it Brook Farm General Store this past Saturday. I’ve been meaning to check it out for, oh, about a year now–an intention reaffirmed by these gorgeous photos Karen Mordechai posted on Sunday Suppers. We were in a hurry, so we couldn’t linger, but we didn’t leave empty-handed: we’re now the proud wielders of a reindeer antler, fashioned into a bottle opener (!), and of a lovely, wooden nail brush by Iris Hantverk.

There may be a few other things on my mental wish-list. One of those things may or may not be a cream and grey woolen blanket.


The lovely shop is around the corner from Diner and Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg (so it’s especially crazy that we hadn’t been there yet); they have a nice website, too, but then you’ll just have to picture the friendly little beagle who would otherwise greet you at the door.
(photos by Karen Mordechai)

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