Ginger Syrup? Yes, please!

Aron likes to tease me about what could be called an addiction to ginger. Pickled, candied, fresh-and-spicy, or mixed with rum for a Dark & Stormy… I love it all. My new favorite find is Morris Kitchen‘s Ginger Syrup, which comes in the prettiest little brown bottle with a letterpressed label. Sister and brother, Kari and Tyler Morris, make the syrup in Brooklyn in batches of 100 (we picked up bottle no. 52/100 at Marlow & Daughters this weekend). Just ginger and sugar. So far I’ve been having spoonfuls with sparkling water, but I’m thinking it would be delicious with vanilla ice cream and fresh pineapple. Beautiful and delicious.

Fun trivia: Kari used to work at Foreign Cinema, this amazing restaurant in San Francisco where you eat under the stars and watch classic films projected against a white-washed wall. Aron and I had one of our first “splurge” dinners there. Tyler is a chef at the Breslin (at the Ace Hotel). I hear they host monthly suppers, too. 

Must learn more.

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