Scenes from our Halloween

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone had a great night—we basically melted into the sheets after a fun, full day.

It started early with a costume parade at the kids’ school. We did a slightly less gruesome makeup job and dashed off to the blacktop. I loved seeing all of the joy and creativity! It’s hard to believe that it’s only been in the last two years that the kids could wear costumes.

Skyler’s kinder day starts later, so she switched into last year’s Elsa outfit for the morning and came home with the appropriate dirty marks of day well-played before switching back into mermaid mode.

Then, Aron came home early and we took some family photos before heading off for the candy…

Hudson had plans to build a robot costume up until the 11th hour, but really, really wanted to be creepy and gorey. We were happy when he landed on something that seemed so… him: a zombie baseball player. He relished the role.

Skyler was even more undecided—though fairly firmly in the princess camp. She started with Elsa, was very drawn to Jasmine, but I offered up some sparkles around the time she was considering an Ariel-inspired mermaid and that seemed to close the deal. I could tell she loved it when I held up the camera and she got very serious. She was really feeling it. So regally powerful.

Aron and I went as the characters from Dr. Seuss’ environmental-cautionary-tale, The Lorax: “I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees! And a Truffula tree is what everyone needs.”

But we also got compliments for being “Orange is the New Black” and cotton candy. Guys, lesson learned: no one is reading The Lorax anymore!

We went downtown for the annual treat trail—when they close off the streets and businesses hand out candy, and the local theatre plays It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, on repeat for free. I didn’t get as many photos this year, but had many favorites—like the Super Mario babies with the theme song playing from a portable speaker, and “mom life.”

I got even fewer photos from the evening, trick-or-treating with friends—but I’m grateful to the family who actually grilled real food and fed us all in between the bags of Skittles!

Like I said, a fun, full day!

Finally, I wanted to include some photos from a Halloween party we went to, because there was some great inspiration! Diego and Frida, Carmen Miranda and Groucho Marx…

…but perhaps my favorite costume this year was our friend who went as Fleabag with her husband the hot priest—complete with jumpsuit, bronze statue, guinea pig, and canned G&Ts! BRILLIANT!!!

Did you have any new favorites this year? Happy Halloween!

P.S. Last year’s costumes and the year before that.

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