Sack up

Last week, I was in the JCrew Men’s store in TriBeCa and overheard a guy talking to a salesperson about a beautiful, waxed-canvas, $600 Belstaff jacket. They had it laid out and seemed to be pouring over it in a deep discussion; I heard the customer–smartly dressed in Sperry topsiders, rolled white trousers, and a plaid button down (in other words, he could have stepped out of the catalogue) say, in a very serious and gruff tone, “I know I just need to sack up and buy this, but…”
I can’t tell you how many times Aron has teased me about my propensity to use the word “invest” when I talk about something I really want. I think the “investment” piece, the reference to that pair of shoes or the leather bag or the perfect jeans one should “invest” in, is a pretty common ploy–(dare I say) particularly among women. 
Apparently, when boys need to “invest,” they need to “sack up.” I love it!
I mean… dude… grow a pair! You need that jacket.
(Photo from JCrew)

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