Grand prize gift

Last August, Aron entered a giveaway Miya and Elisabeth were offering: a photo session shot by Brooke Fitts and styled by You + ME. And he won! He told me all about it after the fact. I was so surprised! And a little nervous, I have to admit. We aren’t celebrating an engagement or a new addition, after all… Would it be strange? But it didn’t take me long to realize what a tremendous opportunity this was–to have professional, styled photos of us (where we’re not in our wedding clothes) to remember what it felt like to be newlyweds living in this beautiful city. What a wonderful gift!
The process was a lot of fun (even if Aron probably grew tired of me asking him what I should wear): Miya and Elisabeth sent us questionnaires (I said I’d always wanted a candid photo of the two of us in the style of Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ cover, for example) and then  mood boards with suggestions. Miya even came by one day with a basket and some vintage cameras for us to play with; inside there was a note detailing the plan for us to meet them at the Union Square Greenmarket, after which we would head down–with Brooke–to Washington Square Park. It was all very mysterious.
It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day, thank goodness. (It was a little too hot, in fact, for the layered fall outfits we’d planned, so Aron endured all that probing for not!) We had such a great time pretending we being followed by the paparazzi for a couple of hours and are grateful to Brooke, Miya and Elisabeth for a fun afternoon and a beautiful set of memories! 
I thought we’d share some favorites…

(all photos by Brooke Fitts)

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