Furniture past

Before we moved from Los Angeles to New York, from 1400 square feet to 500, we sold nearly all of our furniture on craigslist. Every now and then, I come across the photos we posted of sale items and think “I wish we didn’t have to part with that.” But there’s only one piece that really stands out as a sale-regret: our settee. I would have loved to keep this–and maybe even reupholster it one day. I had bought it from a fellow who, come to think of it, was moving to New York to work on Broadway–Wicked. He lived in Roy Disney’s secretary’s former home and Disney had done the landscaping; there were still rose bushes and topiary worthy of the Red Queen in the front yard. The sofa had been hers.
This super colorful settee, available at Anthropologie, seem to be popping up everywhere lately. (Geez Anthro, salt in the wound!)

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