Pizza at Home: Mushroom, Egg, Ricotta & Arugula



Pizza really is one of life’s perfect foods. It can be anything you want it to be.

I spent quite a while trying to perfect the at-home version of a Naples-style Margherita Pizza—which is still my absolute favorite. But I have to admit that, while it is incredibly easy to do (and here’s the dough recipe to prove it), I rarely have the advance foresight to make my own dough. More likely I pick up a pre-risen dough at Trader Joe’s or our local grocer. If you’re in the same boat and your store has an in-house baker, ask if they prep pizza dough. Because once you have the dough, you’re really just minutes away from great pizza.


Here’s my go-to of late…

Mushroom, Egg, Ricotta & Arugula pizza

Start by preheating your oven to 500 degrees. Make sure that whatever baking sheet or stone (we have a pizza steel) is preheated as well.

Sweat 2 or so cups of mushrooms over the stove: Place all of your mushrooms into a sauté pan with a dash of water and a liberal sprinkling of salt. Also add any thyme or seasonings you like. Leave them on the stove until they release most of their liquid.



Gather the rest of your ingredients. Once you start the baking process, things happen quickly.

You’ll also need: At least 3-4 eggs (the exact number is up to you), whole milk ricotta, salt, pepper, arugula, and olive oil.

Stretch your dough until it’s as thin throughout as it can be without getting any holes. I hold it by its edges and let gravity help, quickly moving my hands along the perimeter. If it’s springing back too quickly, let it rest a bit.

Place directly onto the baking sheet or pizza stone and pre-cook until they dough bubbles up and the bottom starts to color.

Pull out your baking rack a bit to help you access the top of the pizza. Carefully reach in and tamp down any bubbles with a fork. Add your drained mushrooms.

Next, crack your eggs directly on top. Bake until the whites are opaque and are beginning to set. This isn’t an exact science (for me), but I’d estimate about five minutes should do it. You have to decide how runny (or not) you like your yolk.

Just before they look done, I open the oven once more to add some dollops of ricotta.


Remove and finish with arugula, salt & pepper, and a liberal drizzling of olive oil. Serve immediately!


What do you like best on your pizza? 

P.S. Perfect soft-cooked eggs. (Every time.)

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