We spent a day in Los Angeles over the holidays, indulging in nostalgia and some child-free shopping (more on that later). We didn’t want lose any precious minute of our 4-hour getaway over water service at a restaurant so we went for the best drive-thru option I could think of: Mozza 2 Go. Along with our beloved Motorino in New York (and, oh, perhaps that pizza we shared in Naples many years ago), Mozza’s squash blossom and Burrata pizza is one of our favorites.

I will always remember, just after finding out that Aron matched at NYU (his first choice) for his Urology residency and that we were moving across the country, sitting at the bar and smelling melting Sotocenere and sipping sparkling wine at Mozza–and feeling relieved that we would be going somewhere with really, really good pizza.

When you get the squash blossom pizza to-go, they give you the burrata in a little bag. It’s slightly less elegant (especially when you try to squeeze any last drops of the cream into your mouth), but I think you actually get a bit more than usual.

Oh goodness, I really want a hot enough oven to make crust like this one day.

P.S. Here’s a look at our attempt to recreate the Squash Blossom pizza, a few years back.


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