Homemade (giant) Oreos

Homemade Oreo

Okay, so obviously I didn’t make that one.

But here’s the story: when Aron and I lived in Los Angeles, we would walk a few blocks down to The Grove and the Old Farmer’s Market to hang out in Barnes and Noble, grab a “Farmeo” cookie at a place called The Farm, and catch a movie. Aron was particularly obsessed with the Farmeos, which were essentially giant Oreos. They looked a lot like Whoopie Pies, if you’ve had one of those, but the cookies were slightly firmer and the filling was more like a buttercream but with that telling grit and mouthfeel of an Oreo. When we moved away he confessed how much he missed them and, so, one Christmas when I flew home to Long Beach without him, I made a point to visit the Grove and fly him home a Farmeo cookie.

However, if you know Aron, you know he has the (annoying) skill of delaying gratification when it comes to sweets and will make things like chocolate bars last for insane stretches. It’s annoying because I’ve usually scarfed my half down in the space of minutes and then have to watch him enjoy his for what feels like an eternity. So that Farmeo sat on the counter of our apartment for long enough that a mouse came and finished it for him! Ha! If it wasn’t the knowledge that we had had a mouse in our kitchen, I would have felt justice was done.

Since then, The Farm has closed and we’ve been searching for an equivalent to the Farmeo since. (Others have looked comparable, but they’ve never been as good!) Clearly I will have to figure out how to make them myself.

Homemade Oreo

Homemade Oreo

So when, a couple of nights ago, I spied a recipe for homemade Oreo cream stuffed brownies (pictured) with a how-to for Oreo filling, I immediately went to the store and bought my first-ever tub of Crisco and tried making the cream filling. So easy and spot-on. The secret, in my opinion, is basically making a buttercream and adding granulated sugar! I would wager you could get great results with my frosting-for-one recipe, too—just add about 1/4-tsp of granulated sugar.

Next up is are the cookies, but I also picked up a store-made fudge brownie to slice in half and the whole combination came pretty darn close to the original.

Potential Farmeo recipe and a way to get all the Oreo cream filling you want. Danger, danger.

P.S. On sharing desserts with Aron. And how to make your own Magic Shell.

[Top photo mine from Moustache bakery (not the Farm, sadly); bottom two by Cookies and Cups]

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