David Chang’s little restaurant row is essentially down the street from our apartment: Momofuku Ssam, Noodle Bar, and Ko–and Milk Bar. Aron and I have a love/hate relationship with Mr. Chang’s Milk Bar and all of its gut-busting, delicious treats. It’s the place that sells maybe the best cookie in the city (the compost cookie) and it’s literally one block away, positioned smack-dab in between us and our gym. The only way to avoid it seems to be avoiding the gym… (or at least that’s the excuse).
You can also get pork buns there. Hmmm… Cookie or delicious little doughy pillow-o-fat? I throw up my hands. Chang was on Martha Stewart while I was home Friday, waiting for the stone-fellow to come, and the siren song was strong: I caved and brought home both.
By the way: Anderson Cooper recently told Jay Leno that his favorite dessert is from Milk Bar. I know because afterward my dad called to ask me whether I’ve had something called “Crack Pie.” Why yes, yes I have.

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